Procountor Solo and Accounting Service at a Fixed Price

Solo has everything you need to run a successful business: invoicing, receipts, payroll, receiving invoices and much more. It is the software that every entrepreneur knows how to use.

We have a wide network of specialized accounting offices ready to take care of your business' accounting.

Start now and get the benefit of everything you need for financial management a fixed price.

Service available only in Finland.

Solo + Accounting For A Fixed Price

Procountor Solo Software 0 - 29 € / Month Based on Your Revenue*

Solo has everything you need to run a successful business. The price is based on your accumulated revenue. Working together with your accountant will ensure your accounting is done on time and professionally.

  • Send invoices
  • Pay incoming invoices
  • Handle your receipts and connect them to bank statement
  • Send your monthly material to accounting

*Sending and receiving e-invoices 0,49 € a piece.

You will need a Finnish bank account to use the service.

Prices are VAT exclusive.

Fixed Price Accounting

Our Solo partner accounting companies offer flat-rate accounting for clients using Procountor Solo. They already serve thousands of solo entrepreneurs all over Finland with digital service and remote connections.

  • 30 account transactions / month (exceeding 1.5 € / each)
  • Payment-based accounting
  • Filing tax returns
  • Checking the amount of withholding tax two times a year
  • Basic accounting advice

In addition to the fixed monthly price, financial statements and payroll, among other things, are priced separately. More detailed information about additional services can be found further down on this page.

Prices are VAT exclusive.

Solo + Accounting For a Fixed Price Month Based on Your Revenue

Fill out the form - we will be in contact to get you started. We will suggest the most suitable accounting partner for you based on the information you supply on the form.

Procountor Solo is the easiest-to-use and most versatile software for solopreneurs. It is an invoicing program, bank statement, and receipt application - all on mobile.

  • Create and send invoices
  • Pay incoming invoices and receive e-invoices*
  • Handle your receipts and connect them to the bank statement
  • Enjoy automatic receipt text recognition (OCR)
  • Send your monthly material to the accounting

*Sending and receiving e-invoices 0,49 € per invoice. See the prices.

You will need a Finnish bank account to use Procountor Solo. The bank will charge for its services separately.

Accounting at a Fixed Price from Our Partners

Accounting services are provided by our Solo accounting company partners. They are all committed to serving Solo customers at a fixed price and already serve thousands of solo entrepreneurs.

All of our partner accounting companies serve entirely digitally and remotely. Thus, you can jump straight into the digital world and take care of running financial management from wherever you are.

Are you a representative of an accounting firm? Do you want to join the Solo service package? Email and we will start cooperating.

Digital Service Models

Our accounting firm partners serve completely digitally and remotely, so you can handle financial administration matters from anywhere.

Software Designed for Mobile Devices

Solo is fully mobile compatible, so use exactly the devices you're used to. Wherever.

Free Customer Service

Call to our free customer service number or drop us a message through the messaging platform in Solo.

Are you starting a business or have you set up your business in 6 months? If you are not already a client of Accountor Finago, you are entitled to use the Procountor Solo software without a monthly fee for one year. To take advantage of the benefit, please mention that you are a start-up entrepreneur in the details field of the form.

Solo + Accounting For a Fixed Price Based on Your Revenue

We will contact you to ensure a smooth start. If you don't have an accounting company yet, we'll also help you find one.

Questions about Solo software or accounting service? Contact

Optional Services in Addition to the Fixed Price Package

The Solo software and accounting package includes earlier mentioned accounting services. In addition to the fixed price package, see below other services that are available. These services will be reviewed when we contact you after filling out the form.

  • Payroll calculation and income register declaration
  • Financial statements and tax returns
  • Retrospective accounting and accounting transfers
  • Accounting other than business names or joint stock companies
  • Foreign trade accounting and corporate tax returns
  • Limited Liability Company Minutes and Dividend Declarations
  • Tax consultation
  • Company law services
  • Processing of credit card invoices and cash purchases

Is Procountor Solo Suitable for You?

Solo is a great tool for managing small business financial routines, but it is not suitable for every company.

Solo is for...

entrepreneurs who want a simple solution to manage their financial routines, and are not interested in handling their accounting themselves.

Solo is suitable for a company with a revenue of less than 500,000 €, i.e. payment-based accounting can be done.

Solo is not for...

entrepreneurs who want to handle their accounting entirely themselves, and do not want to use accountants.

Solo is also not suitable if the turnover exceeds 500,000 €, i.e. the accounting must be done on an accrual basis.